Custom Cakes

Experience the taste and comfort of delicious Southern homemade cakes by Nate. 

For over 50 years, my mom has been baking all kinds of cakes for people in our community.  She has passed her recipes on to me to carry on her legacy of great-tasting cakes.

One of her recipes is the famous Answering Machine Cake, which is so good, you'll let the answering machine answer your calls while you're eating it. 

Of course, answering machines are rarely used anymore but you get the point. 

I have added a few recipes of my own to our list of delicious homemade cakes made from scratch.


In addition to our existing cakes, we do accept custom cake orders of your choice.   

We offer delivery (for a small charge) and pick-up within 50 miles of southwest Dallas for our mouth-watering cakes. 


Nate's Homemade Cakes